Our mission

Solar where it matters most

Our aim is to apply solar energy where electrification makes the most significant difference.

We focus on three areas of application: Healthcare, Education and Water access.

Our approach

Thanks to our experience with solar power we are well aware of the operational risks related to this technology. It is fundamental to us that the systems we implement make a long term impact. This is why we do not just act as funder but get involved with a deeper, issue-driven way of working.

While every single project is unique, our general approach can be described as follows:


We ‘plug-in’ to a local project after confirming its work and impact. Of course the urgency and relevance of electrification plays a key role too.


We research the context and grow an understanding of the community. This enables us to define the priorities and the solution(s) solar power can bring.

partner up

We leverage existing expertise and support local entrepreneurship by cooperating with local, selected solar contractors.


For each project we launch a crowdfunding campaign. Together with the support from our partners this enables us to finance a system.


We supervise installation and guide decisions to ensure the best possible application of the solar power system (and connected technology).


We secure maintenance, training of local staff and and official handover to the local project.
To ensure long-term impact we monitor the functioning of the system.