Solar powered water access for Streetwise Orphanage

In May 2020 we have realized the solar powered water pump at the ‘Streetwise’ Orphanage, in Mwambwakanthu, Malawi. This solar powered water access does not only impact life of the orphanage children, but of the whole community (around 7.000 villagers). Especially during the covid-19 pandemic, running water and the opportunity to wash hands can literally save lives of people in the area.

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Cooperation with Streetwise

This project has been carried out in cooperation with Streetwise Orphanage, an local, Malawian charity. The organization has been founded in 2018 by Bezzel Makaya, an orphan himself. With the sales of handcrafts he has generated income to build up the orphanage over the last years.

about the Orphanage

The orphanage is located in Mwambwakanthu, close to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. The number of children living at the orphanage (aged between 3 and 14) will soon be eighteen. Another 47 children are welcomed with open arms every day for general care, primary school teaching and three simple meals that are provided by the orphanage. As much as each of the children has their own story and situation, what is the same for all of them is the orphanage offers a home, a place to be safe and feel cared for, and a chance to escape from the streets and staggering poverty.

system insights

The installation consists of a photovoltaic solar (0.5 kWp) system, which powers a water pump. The maximum capacity is 15 cubic meter per day. The water is stored in a 2.000 liter water tank, which delivers water to the taps at the orphanage and the tap where water is sold to the village. Two orphanage employees have been trained for basic inspections and remote troubleshooting of the system. The maintenance contract is in place with the contractor. Security is ensured by the ongoing presence of watchmen.

costs & financing

The total costs for the system (components, labor, transport, taxes) totalled to €9.980. The largest cost component is the pump, which accounts for approximately 25% of total costs.
The crowdfunding campaign has been concluded successfully within approximately 20 days. Close to 90 individuals from five different countries, as well as two companies active in the solar industry have donated to make this project possible. 


Thank you to everybody who has contributed. Without you, this project and its impact would not have been possible.