‘Tiyende Pamodzi’ Girls Secondary School

Located in Mganja, a rural area in the central region of Malawi, the school offers an opportunity for young women to continue education after primary school. Unfortunately this is not common, as many girls become mothers at a young age and have to be subsistence farmers hence. The school, which will offer boarding in the near future as well, can host 400 girls. Access to clean and sufficient water will enable quality education, small scale agriculture and the empowerment of many young women here !


This secondary school is exclusively for girls. Currently, the school provides education to 35 girls and young mothers, with ages between 13 and 29. Next January another 100 girls will start Form 1. The school teachers live at the premises, which will be the same for the girls that have to travel from too far, once the hostel will be realized (in the next 1-2 years). Electricity are already covered by a an existing solar energy system, but access to water is still a big limitation for this fantastic project.

Water need

Access to water is vital for hygiene (washing of hands, showering) and drinking water. Currently water is obtained at a borehole outside the premises, which is time-consuming and not always a safe activity for the girls. The school will offer practical agricultural training on the premises. A fenced vegetable garden is waiting to be connected to the water system and fruit trees will be planted all around the school buildings.

Our aim

Solar power in combination with a water pump and water storage makes a better life possible for the girls at this school, by enabling reliable water supply for agricultural lessons and activities, drinking water and hygiene for 400 girls and the teachers.


The Tiyende Girls Secondary School school is located in Mganja, in the central region of Malawi.


The difference Solar Power can make

"Our girls have more time now to concentrate on studies unlike when they used to spend a lot time to fetch water at hand pump borehole..."
"Also, the coming of clean and running water has made me feel more safe and clean during my menstrual cycle than before..."

Project specific cooperation

For this project we team up with two or our partners: Formidable Joy and Wilde Ganzen. 

Make this change happen with us!

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