What we do

We implement solar power where it matters most: where it makes a critical difference in places where there is no (reliable) electricity. It enables light, running water, storage of food, medicines and vaccines, functioning of essential equipment  and more. Solar energy (em)powers communities to take significant steps of improvement. 


We ‘plug into’ small organizations (NGO’s, charities) which are impacting their communities in a tangible and sustainable way. Through close cooperation with local contractors we bring technical knowledge to implement a solar power system with related components (batteries, fridges, pumps, lights, etc).
Financing of our projects is achieved through crowdfunding in combination with company donations. 100% of every crowdfunding donation is used to make these projects reality.


Each person could have been born and grown up in completely different circumstances and with very different opportunities. We believe that as humans we are meant to live for more than just our own interest and to share with who has less, in pursuit of – sometimes even just a little – more equality.
Our aim is for sopowerful to offer an opportunity for individuals and businesses to bring this vision into practice with a significant, tangible and lasting impact on lives of people at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’.

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Electricity and Water at Mua School for the Deaf

Solar powered electricity can change the daily life of these deaf children. Read more and make a difference here.

Installation in progress

Electricity and Water at Wandikweza

A clinic can only transform into a real health center when there is electricity and water. We can make this possible, through application of solar energy. Read more and make a difference here.

Our most recent project

Solar at Luntha Clinic

As of February 2021, solar energy (em)powers better medical care at Dr. Frank’s clinic. Learn more about this inspiring life-project here.

Our focus


 Electrification of rural medical facilities through solar power enables (better) healthcare services in the hardest places.


Solar powered water access enables better hygiene and drinking water & improves irrigation for better nutrition.


Solar powers education through electrification of schools and training/entrepreneurship facilities.

Our impact

Through the application of solar power we work pragmatically on several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about our approach here.

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