Nearly a billion of us still live without access to electricity and daily experience the severe challenges this implies. This is where electrification through solar power enables tangible and sustainable development.

What we do

We apply solar energy where it (em)powers life-changing, local initiatives in the areas of Healthcare, Education and Water access, for the least privileged among us.


We select local initiatives and understand the most urgent needs. Together with our local Partners, we implement a solar powered system, with a focus on sustainability and long-term impact.

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Solar Power at Tamkeen School

A solar power system provides electricity for Tamkeen school in the midst of Lebanons energy crisis.
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Recently completed projects:

Solar at Luntha Clinic

As of February 2021, solar energy (em)powers better medical care at Dr. Frank’s clinic. Learn more about this inspiring and life-changing project here.

Our focus


 Electrification of medical facilities through solar power enables better healthcare in the hardest places.


Solar (em)powers education through electrification of schools and training/entrepreneurial facilities.


Solar powered water access enables better hygiene and drinking water as well as irrigation for improved food security.

Our impact

Through the application of solar power we work pragmatically on several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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