Kudziwa Center for Knowledge

Kudziwa means “knowledge” in Chichewa – the most widely spoken language in Malawi. The Kudziwa Center for Knowledge, constructed and opened in the fall of 2020, serves as the first community building of its kind in the region. The building hosts the educational programs of   RiseUp Malawi, a non-profit focusing on at-risk children and youth in the Mangochi region of Malawi. 

about the Center

The Kudziwa Center for Knowledge provides after-school education and training for around 100 children. Currently around 30 adults receive Permaculture training at the center. Electrification has enabled better teaching, through for instance computer or music lessons.

system insights

The installation consists of a photovoltaic solar (3 kWp) and lithium battery storage (5kWh) system. The square and playground  in front of the center, where farming lessons take place, is illuminated by two freestanding solar lights.


The total costs for the system (components, labor, transport, taxes) totaled to approximately €7.800. RiseUp Malawi was able to make a significant contribution to this investment.


The center is located in the Mangochi region, where it will serve 22.000 people across 6 villages.

Thanks to our partners and individual donors who have enabled us to achieve this project and its impact.