Tamkeen School

Education, just like other essential parts of society, are under pressure in Lebanon due to the ongoing financial and energy crisis. Thanks to a solar power system, Tamkeen School can remain open and  over 1.100 children can continue to go to school and learn every day.

Project impact

The school provides education to 1.150 Libanese and refugee children, in different day shifts. A part of the education program is focused on digital literacy, through the computer lab in the school.

Project insights

The installed solar system consists of:

  • Photovoltaic solar system (7 kWp) on the roof of the school
  • A small inverter and battery room
  • 34kWh battery storage system

project costs

The total costs of the project is €16.000.

This project has been co-funded and implemented in cooperation with Thaki.


The school is located a bit more than an hour drive from Beirut, in the town of Sawiri.

Thanks to our Partners and individual donors who have enabled us to achieve this project.