Mua Hospital

Mua Hospital is one of the reference healthcare facilities in the Dedza area of Malawi. As of January 2022 the hospital benefits from stable, solar powered water supply: an essential element for providing quality healthcare to the local communities.

Project impact

The clinic, located in Dedza, in the central region of Malawi, provides healthcare to over 17.000 patients per year. Previously, the hospital suffered from a very unstable water supply, due to the unreliability of the local electricity grid. This resulted in the water tanks drying up regularly, which severely limited the quality of medical care.

Project insights

The installed solution consists of:

  • Photovoltaic solar system (2 kWp)
  • Electric DC water pump
  • 25m3 of water storage tanks
  • Reinforcement of existing water storage infrastructure
  • Improved the pipework at the hospital.

project costs

The total costs of the project is €27.000.

This project has been co-funded and implemented in cooperation with Formidable Joy.


Thanks to our Partners and individual donors who have enabled us to achieve this project.