Our impact

Until today, the projects we have implemented are making a difference for well over 20.000 people in Malawi.

Projects completed
People impacted

Our impact

We focus on quality in our projects and therefore numbers are not leading if it comes to our impact. At the same time 


We have reduced food-insecurity for 50 farming families and a community of nearly 5.000 people.


We have electrified medical facilities, resulting in better healthcare services for 15.000 people on a yearly basis.


We have implemented solar power for lighting and use of teaching appliances, enabling the improvement of education for 5880 children.


We have applied solar power for supply of clean water, improving hygiene, sanitation and general water access for 13.740 people.


In total, we have made a difference for +22.000 people through application of clean energy, in the form of solar power.