About the Clinic

Seven years ago, Dr. Frank started an important life project: a clinic that serves the poor rural community where he grew up. Today, the clinic is thriving, but has one big problem: there is no electricity, which  prevents the offering of better health services. Our aim is to change this as soon as possible. 


Approximately 800 people depend on the clinic. This number will increase once electrification will enable more services to be offered.

Currently, the clinic provides a variety of medical services, including: under five and tuberculosis services, outpatient, family planning, minor surgery and short stay.

electricity need

The clinic is in need of electricity for lighting, fans, pc’s, microscopes, a blood count machine and fridges for pharmacy and laboratory services.  


The clinic is located in the Golomoti area.

Solar-powered electricity enables us to take better care.

Dr. Frank Banda, clinic founder

“We have tried but can not get connected to the grid. Our hope is for solar power to provide us with electricity, so we can finally take better care of our patients”


This project combines the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) 4 (Quality education) and 7 (Affordable and clean energy)


100% of each donation is used for implementation of this system. We’ll keep you informed about what is achieved through your donation!