Mwanyama Clinic

In February 2020 the installation at the clinic in Mwanyama (Nkhudzi Bay, Malawi) has been commissioned. The previous seven weeks have been an intense and amazing journey and we are proud and thankful for having achieved this first project in relatively short time.

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Cooperation with Village Foundations

This project has been carried out in cooperation with Village Foundations, a UK registered NGO that has built up the Mwanyama clinic over the last two years. The charity has been active in Malawi since 2010 and focuses on small scale projects within the scope of  Clean Water Provision, Improved Agricultural Methods and Healthcare & Education.

about the clinic

The clinic, located in Mwanyama, at Nkhudzi Bay in Malawi, focuses on children below 5 years old and provides several key medical services. These include Malaria, HIV and Bilharzia testing and education, post/ante-natal care, vaccinations and immunization, family planning and sexual health education and basic first aid. Currently, on average 500 people from Mwanyama and surrounding villages receive treatment, medication or consultation at the clinic every month. Electrification will enable the clinic to further develop the services it provides.

system insights

The installation consists of a photovoltaic solar (3.2 kWp) and lithium battery storage (5kWh) system. The electrical infrastructure (four circuits) in the building has been created for powering of appliances, lights (in- and outside) and the fridge. Remote monitoring is possible through an online app. Two local clinic employees have been trained for basic inspections and remote troubleshooting. The  maintenance contract is in place with the contractor. The square in front of the clinic is illuminated by a freestanding solar light.

costs & financing

The total costs for the system (components, labor, transport, taxes) totalled to €12.730. The largest cost component is the battery, which accounts for approximately 30% of total costs.
The crowdfunding campaign has been concluded successfully within thirteen days. 68 individuals from ten different countries, as well as three companies active in the solar industry have donated to make this project possible. 


We thank our partners and every individual donor for having enabled us to achieve this project and its impact.