Stefano Cruccu


From an early age, I have been fascinated by solar energy. After 10 years in the industry I hold a firm belief in the potential of this energy source. In our western world, where electricity is a commodity, solar power is a fundamental key to the energy transition. In places where electricity access is not for granted, the value of solar power is of a different category: it can profoundly impact lives and empower people and communities to develop.

Tom van Dorp

Board member

Since 2010 I have been active in the solar industry and I’ve had the privilege to support the development of many markets worldwide. One of my passions is to help businesses and authorities in their transition from fossil to renewable energy sources, in particular solar power. Next to my role as CCO of Solarplaza, I am involved in several foundations. It is encouraging and powerful to see how we can truly impact communities in need, by providing access to electricity through solar power.

Lydia van Os

Board member

Having worked for years in Africa on projects related to infrastructural development, I have experienced the many ways in which people are resourceful and innovative. We support these human strengths by making basic solutions available, which will enable people to develop a more sustainable future for themselves and their communities. That is why I strongly believe in the approach of sopowerful.

Paul van der Linden

Board member

Like many, I hope to leave the world in a bit of a better shape from when I found it. In my working life this has led me to work in the solar industry, after which I’ve focused on social entrepreneurship in East Africa for the last few years. What I love about sopowerful is that we strive to support existing social initiatives through the power of off-grid solar energy. It empowers the work of great organizations and individuals, amplifying their impact by just adding that crucial component of stable energy supply.

Myson Jambo

Project Manager

Growing up in Malawi, I’ve seen with my own eyes the difference that electricity makes for our poorest communities. With my experience in several areas of community development I contribute to the selection as well as the monitoring of projects that we empower through solar energy.